Baby steps

I dithered about trying to figure out what I might put in a blog and kept coming up with stuff I thought might matter to everyone else. Some worthwhile cause, some career networking, self-branding project.
Then I read something somewhere about a professional woman, a journalist like me who lost her job, her breasts to cancer and her sense of self. She started a blog to give herself a voice; that reflected her thoughts, feelings, fears and desires, free from the kind of self censorship that entrapped her in the world prior to her trials.
I found myself startled into the realisation that I still had my job, breasts, (thank God!) and a strong sense of self, and I better use my voice, use it honestly and use it FOR ME!
So my posts will be about what matters to me (and maybe there will be some worthwhile cause, career networking, and self-branding thrown into the mix every now and again).


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